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A Trusted Partner to Government Organisations

ATEK offers a wide range of equipment and services to assist its clients in the technical aspects of national security, counter terrorism, law enforcement and public safety. We provide innovative and fit for purpose technology and services.



As strategic procurers of innovative surveillance technology, satellite communications, video management systems and Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), ATEK has partnered with industry leaders to ensure its clients receive only the highest quality products. When you become our partner, our success is mirrored.


Product Lifecycle

ATEK continually horizon scans for technological advancements that can either integrate with or replace existing capabilities. For the past 28 years ATEK has established a network of key strategic partnerships with manufacturers of highly specialised technical surveillance equipment.


Our Values

Our core values are the ingrained principles that guide our company's actions and serve as our cultural cornerstones. We uphold integrity in all that we do, striving to exceed our clients' expectations whilst delivering against our core metrics.


Our Business Model


Deployment Training

ATEK deliveredsix deployment training courses, with attendees from Federal and State Agencies . These courses were delivered at ATEK's purpose built training facility in Brisbane and at the customers location.



We recognise the investment our clients have made in technology along with the continued advancements in capabilities. In partnership with its suppliers ATEK has negotiated two technology trade-in offers over the past 12 months with a saving of over $100,000.00. Wherever possible ATEK negotiates discounted upgrades with our suppliers.



ATEK continually sources new technology. This year ATEK virtually attended the UK Home Office Security and Policing conference. In person ATEK has attended the NATIA conference in Tampa, Florida. These events are part of a number of strategies that ATEK adopts to ensure its clients are kept at the forefront of emerging surveillance techniques and technology.


Product Training

In support of ATEK's suppliers, who were unable to travel due to COVID, ATEK delivered a range product related training courses at our premises in Brisbane and across Australia and New Zealand.

Of the attendees on these ATEK delivered courses, 85% of entered the course grading themselves as a four out of ten on their own ability on the discipline and left grading themselves at a nine out of ten.


Customer Support

ATEK has delivered over 378 hours of customer support, with successful outcomes and resolutions. Support covers a wide range of topics, from hardware installation specifications and installation requirements to complex ICT issues.



ATEK, in conjunction with its suppliers, has successfully repaired over 40 devices. ATEK strives to carry out in-country repairs. Most repairs require to be returned to the OEM, ATEK covers the cost of the freight, monitors the progress of the repair ensuring timely turnaround around.


Software & ICT

ATEK has supported 23 standalone server installations in customer environments. ICT support has become the primary requirement for many of its clients . ATEK recognises this and continues to invest in ICT support resources. Over the next 12 month ATEK will continue this investment.


Product Evaluation

Over the past 12 months ATEK has carried out 8 new product evaluations and a number of FW update evaluations that support existing products. These evaluations are an essential part of ATEK's ongoing product sourcing strategy as they ensure current products, and newly emerging products and technology, continue to deliver the performance our clients expect.


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