Atek is continually horizon scans for technological advancements that can either integrate with or replace existing capabilities. For the past 28 years ATEK has established a network of key strategic partnerships with manufacturers of highly specialised technical surveillance equipment. 

Product Lifecycle

We uncover new technological advancements, we evaluate our products, we support you with training & on-demand support from our highly skilled team and we cycle back to scouting for new products across a typical 3-5 year product cycle.

Satellite Comms

Satellite communication is the use of satellites to provide communication links between various points on earth. We have a range of products designed to help communicate between products and personnel.


Automated Number Plate Recognition is a technology that uses character recognition to read vehicle registration number plates. Our partners offer state of the art equipment to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and speed is achieved when you require it the most.


Our specialised team offer on-demand support including training sessions for each of our products. 

Video Management Systems

We’ve partnered with the top agile security information management companies that offer software and solutions to match the ever-changing, real-world surveillance and security needs of the government and commercial sectors.

Technical Surveillance Solutions

We partner with specialists within the data collection sectors to bring our clients a suite of products centered on identifying the geographic location of users.

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