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Claresys Ltd is a UK Company committed to supplying Law Enforcement Organisations, Security Services and Armed Forces with the best video surveillance solutions available.  Working in partnership with UK MoD’s Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and also independently, Claresys has developed many unique optical products to help its’ customers obtain results in challenging circumstances and reduce mission risk. 

Through its’ world-wide network of value-added resellers Claresys is able to provide government organisations in friendly nations with access to this technology as approved by the UK Government.

Our in-house designed products are primarily optical based for video surveillance and include intrusive surveillance lenses capable of providing a clear image through pinholes as small as 0.3mm. Other pinhole lens solutions include internal pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) through a 1mm pinhole and a range of M12 and miniature pinhole cameras.

We also have a range of Compact Telephoto Lenses to provide small easy to hide directed surveillance options and Long-Range PTZ Lenses with internal pan and tilt. All of our lens designs are complimented by a range of specialist and ruggedised cameras designed to best serve our customer’s requirements.

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