ATEK continually horizon scans for technological advancements that can either  integrate with or replace existing capability. For the past 28 years ATEK has established a network of key strategic partnerships with manufacturers of highly specialised technical surveillance equipment. 




   Proactive Procurement



ATEK is continually horizon scanning for emerging technology and product obsolescence including cellular network evolutions.

24 months prior to the scheduled shutdown of the Australian UMTS (3G) network, ATEK carried out an internal audit of its product portfolio. It identified the products due to become obsolete that were in operational circulation with our client and implemented its proven business strategy.

Approaching its extensive supplier network ATEK outlined the obsolescence issue and began to source a solution within our network of suppliers. When a solution was identified and developed, demonstration units were provided to ATEK’s technical team. In accordance with our ATEK strategy an evaluation was conducted focussing on product functionality, network and environmental compatibility, along with supporting documentation and identified ongoing support requirements.

A detailed evaluation report was produced and shared with the supplier highlighting ATEK’s findings and recommendations. In this instance the supplier implemented all the recommendations, working with ATEK to deliver a solution that not only replaced the existing device’s capability, but also provided additional functionality with future proof technology for the expected life cycle of the device.

Furthermore, ATEK negotiated discounted upgrade pricing on behalf of its clients and delivered the 4G solution nationwide. This included initial product training followed by exclusive deployment training, with product specific techniques ensuring ATEK not only delivered new technology but a fit for purpose capability.

ATEK now sustains this capability through its technical support team and includes software and firmware upgrades, ongoing product training for new staff members as and when required.

ATEK’s Source, Evaluate, Sustain and Recycle methodology is successfully employed on a permanent basis enabling our clients to maintain operational tempo and mission success.


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