Videosoft specialises in the compression and transmission of live video and provide software and hardware solutions designed specifically for bandwidth-efficient video streaming applications within the CCTV, IoT, Covert and tactical video surveillance.

Hardware Solutions

Firebird F-100

The FireBird F-100 is built specifically for bandwidth managed video streaming applications in the Police and Homeland Security, Critical National Infrastructure, Defence and CCTV arenas.

The measurements of the Firebird are a mere 105mm long, 47mm wide and 25mm high.

Videosoft ATEK F-100

Software Solutions

Videosoft’s powerful & intuitive Video Management System & Software incorporate the latest technology to utilise ultra-low bandwidth to stream from 4Kbps to 500Kbps, compared to many competitors offering ‘low bandwith’ services considered to be in the range of 2 to 3 megabytes.

Videosoft apps run on Windows, Android and IOS or additionally they can be passed to a third-party VMSs for example to be incorporated as part of a wider system.


Video Device Type

Multiple IP and analogue cameras can both be connected to the gateway at the same time.

The gateway can live stream in full high resolution quality and for the ultimate in low bitrate, low latency, real-time video streaming there is the option to transcode the video on the fly. This leads to more reliable and cost-efficient video transmission for any given network situation.

Multiple simultaneous streams can be sent from a single gateway and at all times full, high quality video is being recorded locally for later retrieval.


Audio Device Type

Microphones or cameras with microphones connected to the gateway will be recorded locally and transmitted live on demand. 



The addition of a GPS antenna or GPS device and the gateway will record the localization data and stream real-time location data to the CCS. 


Alarm Type

Add alarm inputs to the gateway to record bookmarks of events and send live alarms to the control center for processing. Each alarm input will result in a bookmark or event being recorded to allow easy review and retrieval at a later time.


IOT Sensor Type

Plug in any environmental sensor type or data capture device, and the gateway will record data and a bookmark of events and stream live sensor data back to the control center.


Each product contains one or more ‘gateways’. You connect one or more cameras or network video streams to the gateway, or in the case of the fully complete kits, the camera is already included and connected for you.

The gateway will then automatically use the required bandwidth and encoding parameters to encode, record and on-demand transmit live real-time video, utilizing the highly optimized and efficient techniques, specifically designed for low bandwith.

Other devices such as audio, GPS antennae, alarm systems, IoT devices and remote-control systems etc can also be connected to a gateway, with the source data being recorded and transmitted live on demand.

All streams and data from each product can be viewed and managed remotely by Videosoft apps running on Windows, Android and IOS or additionally they can be passed to a third-party VMSs for example to be incorporated as part of a wider system.

Each product enables users to connect to streams over local networks as well as other wide area networks such as 3G/4G/5G, Wireless, Satellite. The adaptive bandwidth features of the system ensure efficient and reliable streams in any conditions.


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